A beautiful floral blend of roses and greenery - just like stepping into your favorite florist's shop. Very pretty! This fragrance reminds me of going to the farmer's market and picking up a beautiful, fresh cut bouquet of flowers. I love to light this candle in early spring all the way through the winter. It is a year round winner.


*10oz Embossed, red, mercury glass type jar (reusable)

*100% Natural soy wax

*Hand poured in small batches in USA

*Ethically produced & pariffn free

Market Bouquet

  • Trim wick to 1/4" before candle is lit each time to prevent soot.

    Burn candle so wax pool reaches the jars edge each time to prevent wax tunneling.

    Burn candle no more than 4 hrs. at a time.

    Do not burn candle with less than 1/2" of wax remaining

    Keep candle away from fans, open windows, hot surfaces, children, pets.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended.